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AHIT releases updated “A Practical Guide to Home Inspection”

The cover-to-cover update offers home inspectors the latest information on codes, products and practices and features more visuals and diagrams.

Help spread the importance of working smoke alarms

According to the National Fire Protection Association, three out of five deaths happen in homes with no smoke alarms or non-working alarms.

There’s no crystal ball in home inspection

As much as it would help the buyer in their decision to purchase a home, home inspectors can't foresee what will happen once the buyer moves in. Simply put, there isn't a crystal ball to look into to see the future.

Determining the major and minor in a home inspection

In a recent article, Welmoed Sisson, a Maryland home inspector with Inspections by Bob, provided insight into the flaws that could be potential deal breakers for a homebuyer.

Help clients prepare their homes for natural disasters

September has been designated National Preparedness Month and who better to help homeowners prepare their homes for natural disasters than home inspectors.
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Home inspector licensing might become law in Ontario, Canada

As things stand today, consumers can go online, fill out some forms, pay a fee and receive a certificate that proclaims they are a home inspector within days.

Pre-inspections: A good source of revenue for home inspectors

The idea of buying a home without having it inspected by a professional seems almost unthinkable, but there also are many reasons for a seller to have an inspection before putting a home on the market.

Handling disclosure requests and recommendations for fixes

Sharing findings with sellers — whether in casual conversation, spirited debate or by written report — or even having sellers in the room listening to the inspection report presentation, has its pitfalls.

Radon testing: A necessary skill for home inspectors

With radon affecting so many areas of the country, homeowners will look to home inspection professionals who have the skill set and credentials to detect this potentially deadly gas in their homes.

Beware excessive heat during home inspections

Even a perfectly clear day can limit an inspector's ability to perform an inspection. Home inspections performed during times of excessive heat should be done with care.
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