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5 home inspection mistakes to avoid

Buyers and sellers have a lot of details to consider when deciding to purchase or sell a home. Hiring the wrong home inspector, or opting out of the inspection altogether, are just two of the mistakes they can make.

More home inspection tips for sellers

Home inspectors almost always work for buyers so it is important for sellers to remember a few things before the inspection appointment.

Subtle home inspection tactics for buyers

It goes without saying that prospective home buyers should hire a licensed, professional home inspector to inspect a home they plan to purchase. But how can they determine whether a home is worth buying at first showing?

Home inspection: A great low-cost business

On the low side at $2,000, the costs are very much in line with businesses like janitorial or house-cleaning services, where business owners constantly must restock cleaning supplies.

A day in the life of a home inspector: Bruce LaBell

LaBell also uses time between and after appointments to look for weekend and other opportunities to be an instructor for AHIT and American Society of Home Inspectors. He teaches not only future home inspectors but also real estate agents taking continuing education courses.

Create a distraction-free workspace at home

If you're one of those home inspectors who finds it difficult to concentrate while working at home, consider trying these tips from designed to help you stay organized and keep the distractions at bay.

AHIT success stories: Jerry Linkhorn

Linkhorn Inspection Group, which did 110 inspections in its first year of business, completed 2,363 inspections in 2015. Only two years ago, Linkhorn’s business had three inspectors and company cars, tripling its size in 48 months.

Virginia legislature passes home inspection law

The new law will take effect July 1, 2017 to give the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation time to prepare and implement the program.

AHIT success stories: Dan Kutchin

AHIT alumnus Dan Kutchin started Northern Wisconsin-based HomeEx in 2012. Five years into the business, the couple’s home inspection service has hit its stride.

No WiFi? It could be what’s in the walls

If your clients are experiencing fluctuations in their service — or minimal service — it may be caused by what's behind their walls.