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Could a home inspection career be right for you?

A home inspection career is ideal for those who have an entrepreneurial spirit, are willing to learn and keep learning about construction, enjoy being away from a desk, and like the idea of doing detective work and educating clients about their findings.

What home inspectors do

Home inspectors offer a vital consulting service for residential homebuyers, […]

5 ways your home inspection company can add value to real estate

Many home inspectors rely on referrals to garner business. To ensure sure you're top-of-mind when Realtors and real estate agents are looking for a home inspection company to recommend, it's important that your business presents itself as an asset to the real estate industry.

A day in the life of a home inspector: Bruce LaBell

LaBell also uses time between and after appointments to look for weekend and other opportunities to be an instructor for AHIT and American Society of Home Inspectors. He teaches not only future home inspectors but also real estate agents taking continuing education courses.

Create a distraction-free workspace at home

If you're one of those home inspectors who finds it difficult to concentrate while working at home, consider trying these tips from designed to help you stay organized and keep the distractions at bay.