The Liberal government in Ontario, Canada, has announced plans to introduce legislation this fall aimed at regulating the province’s home inspection industry.

If passed, Bill 165, the Licensed Home Inspectors Act, would require licensing and set minimum standards for home inspection contracts and reports, disclosures and the performance of home inspections.

As things stand today, consumers can go online, fill out some forms, pay a fee and receive a certificate that proclaims they are a home inspector within days. It’s that simple, according to “Ontario government to table home inspector licensing legislation,” published August 18 by the Canadian Underwriter.

Moving to make the home inspection industry more regulated has been challenging and isn’t new, however. In 2013, Ontario assembled a panel of industry experts to draft a report on the issue. It recommended that, in order to be licensed, inspectors should be required to pass a written exam and a field test, The Canadian Press reported in “Ontario to introduce bill that would regulate home inspectors,” August 17, on CTV News. And this announcement comes six months after the Ontario legislature tabled a bill to regulate home inspectors, according to the Canadian Underwriter.

In addition to tackling licensing, Bill 165 addresses requirements for commercial general liability and errors and omissions insurance for home inspectors. Passage of the bill would give the Ontario government the ability to prescribe the types of required insurance and set minimum coverage levels, according to the Canadian Underwriter.

Passage of the law would “better protect consumers throughout the home-buying process,” according to Marie-France Lalonde, Ontario’s minister of government and consumer services.

If the bill is passed, the provincial’s government would establish an independent Administrative Authority to oversee home inspector licensing and other regulations.

The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI), with 600 members, has being doing its part to elevate the profession since 1994, despite a lack of industry regulation in the province.

According to an article by Angela Gemmill, posted August 19 on CBC News, all OAHI members have earned the association’s highest membership level as registered home inspectors.

To be OAHI registered home inspectors, these professionals have to take special training, have college or home training and have to complete peer review mentoring with verified reports.

The Canadian Press reported there are 1,500 home inspectors in Ontario, according to government estimates. And home inspectors make up one of the only real estate professions that is not regulated by the province.