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Avoid warm weather mishaps: Inspect decks and porches for safety

Summer is almost here, and with the onset of warmer weather upon us, making sure our outdoor gathering spaces are safe becomes a priority.

How marketing can boost your home inspection business

Marketing is one of the most significant factors in starting a home inspection business. Though it can be costly up front, complicated and sometimes frustrating, marketing will ensure a home inspection business will grow and prosper.

Lose the lint: Preventing fires from residential clothes dryers

While statistics vary, clothes dryers cause thousands of fires in U.S. homes every year, and many people are injured—even die—as a result.

Curbing the Silent Killer: Preventing Carbon monoxide exposure

We have all heard about incidents with carbon monoxide (CO). Many home inspectors are not familiar with the sources or the “acceptable” exposure levels.

AHIT Success Story: Kevin Mathers on why his business thrives

Kevin Mathers realized he had made the right choice in picking American Home Inspectors Training Institute the day he took his state licensing test.

Carbon monoxide and home heating safety

Home inspectors can help keep people safe by making sure heating systems, a common source of CO poisoning, are in good working order.

Top homeowners’ tips for saving energy, money during winter

Keeping a home warm during the cold winter can be expensive and energy-consuming. But you can suggest things homeowners can do—even if they’re not handy— to reduce those costs and save energy.

7 ways clients can help with their home inspection

Having a home inspection done can make the real estate transaction go smoother. But what about ways to make the home inspection itself a smoother process?

AHIT unveils updated Professional Home Inspection Online Course

The Professional Home Inspection Online Course is an updated version of AHIT’s online training program for new home inspectors. It includes some 1,200 photos, a library of informative GoPro videos, exam questions and more.

Radon inspections: What today’s home inspectors need to know

Regardless of whether states have requirements to do the testing or not, professional home inspectors should be familiar with how to do short- and long-term radon testing, as well as how to determine if a homeowner needs to take action.