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How marketing can boost your home inspection business

Marketing is one of the most significant factors in starting a home inspection business. Though it can be costly up front, complicated and sometimes frustrating, marketing will ensure a home inspection business will grow and prosper.

Curbing the Silent Killer: Preventing Carbon monoxide exposure

We have all heard about incidents with carbon monoxide (CO). Many home inspectors are not familiar with the sources or the “acceptable” exposure levels.

New apps small business owners need

Many small business owners often have to do the jobs of many people themselves to make sure their businesses work. But with today's technology, there are plenty of apps to help them do everything from managing the business's finances to maintaining and controlling email clutter.

CSST safety concerns: AHIT instructor answers questions

Fred Buck, a home inspector since 1982 who works for King Inspections, Inc. in San Antonio and a field training instructor for American Home Inspectors Training Institute, answered some questions about CSST for AHIT.

AHIT Success Story: Jim Ullom of Certified Home Inspections

AHIT asked Jim Ullom about how he built a successful home inspection business in Northwest Indiana, what he might have done differently and his best advice for today’s home inspectors.

A day in the life of a home inspector: Bruce LaBell

LaBell also uses time between and after appointments to look for weekend and other opportunities to be an instructor for AHIT and American Society of Home Inspectors. He teaches not only future home inspectors but also real estate agents taking continuing education courses.

AHIT success stories: Dan Kutchin

AHIT alumnus Dan Kutchin started Northern Wisconsin-based HomeEx in 2012. Five years into the business, the couple’s home inspection service has hit its stride.

Bonus rooms and additions (Part two)

In part two, AHIT senior technical instructor Bill Ross discussed three additional areas that inspectors should scrutinize when inspecting bonus rooms and additions: attic conversions, heat sources, and decks.
Attic conversions
Attic spaces and lofts are often converted into habitable rooms. The minimum dimension for any habitable room by most codes is 7 feet, with a total minimum area of […]

Bonus rooms and additions: Same safety measures apply

Bonus rooms and additions should be inspected for the same issues of safety and habitability as the rest of the property.