Chris Chirafisi

Chris Chirafisi, product manager for American Home Inspectors Training, was interviewed by Curbed magazine for an article on the importance of home inspections.

Janet Thomson’s article, “Home inspections: What they are and why you should get one,” published May 24, 2017, on, discussed what home inspections are and why they are important. The AHIT product manager’s contribution included advice on the cost of home inspections, what questions buyers and sellers should ask potential inspectors, what to do when problems are found and liability if a home inspector misses something.

The cost of a home inspection

Although the cost for an inspection varies depending on the region, on average, a home buyer can expect to pay between $350 and $385, Chirafisi, a licensed home inspector, said in the article. However, in urban areas or larger cities—even areas that have licensing requirements or regulation demands—the price is even higher.

 Licensing, regulation and other questions to ask the home inspector

Chirafisi told Thomson that buyers should ask inspectors if they received professional training from a recognized home inspection school. There are some thirty states that have some licensing or regulation requirement, he noted. However, in states where licensing isn’t a requirement, clients should ensure  the prospective home inspector is a member of an accredited organization like American Society of Home Inspectors.

What about liability?

Regarding liability, “It’s a good idea, [whether or not] the house is recently built or if it’s 100 years old… to have that unbiased, third-party home inspection performed to see if there are any problems missed,” Chirafisi said in the article.

Some agreements provide the homebuyer with two years to report any defects. According to Chirafisi, if an inspector follows good standards of practice, they are unlikely to miss a significant issue.

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