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AHIT Success Story: Kevin Mathers on why his business thrives

Kevin Mathers realized he had made the right choice in picking American Home Inspectors Training Institute the day he took his state licensing test.

AHIT success story: Dotty Dose´of Echo Home Inspection

Don’t try to ask Dotty Dosé about being a woman in a male-dominated industry. Even after 27 years as the president/founder of Echo Home Inspection in suburban Chicago, she’s too busy looking forward to worry about such mundane topics.

AHIT Success Story: Jim Ullom of Certified Home Inspections

AHIT asked Jim Ullom about how he built a successful home inspection business in Northwest Indiana, what he might have done differently and his best advice for today’s home inspectors.

AHIT success stories: Jerry Linkhorn

Linkhorn Inspection Group, which did 110 inspections in its first year of business, completed 2,363 inspections in 2015. Only two years ago, Linkhorn’s business had three inspectors and company cars, tripling its size in 48 months.

AHIT success stories: Dan Kutchin

AHIT alumnus Dan Kutchin started Northern Wisconsin-based HomeEx in 2012. Five years into the business, the couple’s home inspection service has hit its stride.

Success as an Entrepreneur in this Economy


While the economy recovers, it looks like it is a great time to start a business. By starting a new opportunity, it will continue to lead you to success mentally and financially.

The economy hit hard and millions of American’s fell off of their career ladders and landed into the unemployment line before they even […]

Know your competition: 8 questions to ask before marketing your home inspection business

To effectively market your business, research first, then ask yourself several questions to determine your best approach to get ahead of the competition.

Reap the benefits of face-to-face, word-of-mouth marketing

American Home Inspection Training product manager Chris Chirafisi is also a licensed home inspector who uses up-close-and-personal marketing techniques to garner business.

How marketing can boost your home inspection business

Marketing is one of the most significant factors in starting a home inspection business. Though it can be costly up front, complicated and sometimes frustrating, marketing will ensure a home inspection business will grow and prosper.

AHIT unveils updated Professional Home Inspection Online Course

The Professional Home Inspection Online Course is an updated version of AHIT’s online training program for new home inspectors. It includes some 1,200 photos, a library of informative GoPro videos, exam questions and more.