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5 ways your home inspection company can add value to real estate

Many home inspectors rely on referrals to garner business. To ensure sure you're top-of-mind when Realtors and real estate agents are looking for a home inspection company to recommend, it's important that your business presents itself as an asset to the real estate industry.

Good Inspectors: How agents choose the best one for the job

The best home inspectors aren’t always the ones who charge the most. In fact, Robinson said, the home inspector he uses most is one of the cheapest.

A day in the life of a home inspector: Bruce LaBell

LaBell also uses time between and after appointments to look for weekend and other opportunities to be an instructor for AHIT and American Society of Home Inspectors. He teaches not only future home inspectors but also real estate agents taking continuing education courses.

Quick tips for tackling inspector anxiety

Home inspectors share common causes of on-the-job anxiety. Among those nail-biting situations: missing something big and the potential consequences; dealing with difficult clients and real estate agents; and drawing the line between what inspectors should and shouldn’t do.

Know your competition: 8 questions to ask before marketing your home inspection business

To effectively market your business, research first, then ask yourself several questions to determine your best approach to get ahead of the competition.

Market frenzy means risk for buyers, less work for home inspectors

The mentality is in favor of taking risk because property values are quickly rising, but the reality is buyers don’t understand how expensive what they don’t see could get.
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How marketing can boost your home inspection business

Marketing is one of the most significant factors in starting a home inspection business. Though it can be costly up front, complicated and sometimes frustrating, marketing will ensure a home inspection business will grow and prosper.

AHIT Success Story: Kevin Mathers on why his business thrives

Kevin Mathers realized he had made the right choice in picking American Home Inspectors Training Institute the day he took his state licensing test.

Handling disclosure requests and recommendations for fixes

Sharing findings with sellers — whether in casual conversation, spirited debate or by written report — or even having sellers in the room listening to the inspection report presentation, has its pitfalls.

AHIT success stories: Jerry Linkhorn

Linkhorn Inspection Group, which did 110 inspections in its first year of business, completed 2,363 inspections in 2015. Only two years ago, Linkhorn’s business had three inspectors and company cars, tripling its size in 48 months.